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Chondromyxoid Fibroma

Chondromyxoid Fibroma

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Chondromyxoid fibroma (CMF) is an uncommon benign bone tumor that presents a unique composition of fibrous, chondroid, and myxoid tissues. Here, we delve into the causes, age groups affected, body sites involved, as well as the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for CMF



Causes of CMF: The exact origins of CMF remain elusive.

Age Group Affected: CMF typically manifests in individuals aged 5 to 30, showing a higher occurrence in females (female-to-male ratio of 1.7 to 1).

Affected Body Sites:

CMF primarily impacts the metaphysis of bones, notably around the knee in lower limbs. Its occurrence in the diaphysis and epiphysis is rare, more commonly observed in adults.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Slow growth characterizes CMF.
  • Patients often experience enduring, mild pain.
  • Bony swelling may occur, tender to the touch.
  • Fractures associated with CMF are rare occurrences.

Diagnosis of CMF:

  • Initial assessment involves plain radiographs, revealing distinct lytic lesions with well-defined borders.
  • In some cases, an MRI scan may be recommended to rule out conditions like aneurysmal bone cyst, non-ossifying fibroma, or fibrous dysplasia. MRI findings typically exhibit a homogeneous pattern with low intensity.
  • A histopathological evaluation via image-guided core needle biopsy ensures precise diagnosis.

Treatment Options:

  • Surgical intervention, particularly Extended Curettage, stands as the primary treatment choice.
  • Extended Curettage is performed .
  • Reconstruction, employing either bone grafts or bone cement, is a viable option.
  • Adequately operated CMFs boast low recurrence rates.
  • Regular follow-ups with plain radiographs are recommended to monitor healing and identify any potential recurrence.

For more detailed information on Extended Curettage, visit this link.

Understanding and managing CMF involves a comprehensive approach, ensuring optimal outcomes for affected individuals.

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