Chondromyxoid Fibroma

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Chondromyxoid fibroma (CMF) is a rare benign bone tumour consisting of fibrous, chondroid and myxoid tissue.



What is the cause for CMF?

  • Exact etiology is unknown

Which age group is affected?

  • They are common in the age group of 5-30 years
  • Girls/women are more affected than males, ratio of 1.7 to 1.

What sites in the body are affected?

  • Mostly seen in the metaphysis location in the bone.
  • Rarely, diaphysis and epiphysis is involved (more in adults)
  • Commonly involved sites are lower limbs (around the knee) followed by pelvis.
  • Upper limb involvement is extremely rare.


What are the signs and symptoms of Chondromyxoid fibroma?

  • CMF’s are slow growing in nature.
  • Pain is common symptom. Of mild and long duration type.
  • Bony swelling could be due to the expansion of the underlying bone, which is tender.
  • Fractures are rarely encountered.


How is CMF diagnosed?

  • Plain radiographs show a pure lytic lesion, eccentrically placed with a well-defined margin and smooth borders Pain is common symptom. Of mild and long duration type.
  • Expansion of the bone may be noticed. Appears as if the bone is eaten away at the edge.
  • Soap bubble picture may be seen
  • MRI may be performed when the clinical and radiological findings allow the surgeon to suspect other causes such as Aneurysmal bone cyst, Non-ossifying fibroma or Fibrous dysplasia. The findings are homogenous in pattern with low intensity.
  • An image guided biopsy is performed with a core needle for histopathological evaluation by pathologist.


What is the treatment for Chondromyxoid fibroma?

  • Surgical intervention is treatment of choice
  • Extended Curettage is performed .
  • Reconstruction can be performed with either bone grafts or bone cement.
  • Recurrence rates are very low for an adequately operated CMF.
  • Routine follow up is recommended with plain radiographs to ascertain healing and any recurrence.


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