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Core Needle Biopsy


Core Needle Biopsy is the most common mode of biopsy followed in dedicated bone tumour centers.

  • The procedure is done under anesthesia (local or general).
  • Image guidance (Fluoroscope or CT or Ultrasound) is used to obtain representative sample.
  • Scarring is minimal (maximum of 1 cm incision is used).
  • Sutures or staples are not required routinely.
  • A Jamshidi needle is used, varying from 8G ~13G.
  • Multiple cores (3-5 no’s), each measuring at least 1 cm is harvested.
  • It has a tapered distal tip and wider stem which does not crush the tissues.
  • Manual pressure is applied to the area to prevent any bleeding and compression bandage is used for 2 days

The advantages are

  • Painless
  • Small surgical scar
  • Short procedure time (10~20 minutes)
  • Can be performed on OPD basis or minimal sedation as in day care procedures
  • Low cost
  • Easily reproducible
  • Accurate

Disadvantages are

  • Small area is sampled compared to open biopsy
  • Amount of sample is less compared to open biopsy
  • The representative area may be missed if image guidance is not taken in some cases.

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