Allograft prosthetic composite

Limb Reconstruction


  • A bone allograft can be used to reconstruct the defect after sarcoma removal during Limb salvage surgery (
  • Allograft prosthetic reconstruction (APC) reconstruction involves combining prosthesis and massive bone allograft.
  • The allograft provides a source of bone stock and a site for tendon insertions, while the prosthesis provides a reliable and stable articulation and some support for the allograft, which improves the functional capability.
  • An appropriate allograft is selected and the articular surface is removed and substituted with modular prosthesis.
  • The allograft is then fixed to host bone with plate and screws.
  • Major advantages of allograft prosthetic composite reconstruction in children and young adults are the good to excellent function and bone stock available for future revision surgeries or complications.


  • In certain situations where the cancer affected bone is still structurally strong, it can be recycled by different methods (radiation or liquid nitrogen). This is called as Tumour Graft Prosthetic Composite (GPC) Limb Reconstruction.
  • The advantage in this method is that allograft procurement and size matching issues can be avoided.
  • Adequate soft tissue reconstruction is carried to enhance joint stability.
  • This process cannot be carried out if the bone was subjected to radiotherapy, if there are signs of infection or sustained a fracture.

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